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Mandera County Government's department of Early Childhood Development (ECD) today commenced a two-day ECDE teachers training on the new basic education curriculum framework at the Riverside hotel in Mandera town, in an occasion presided over by the Deputy Governor H.E Mohamed Arai.

The rollout and implementation of the new curriculum is informed by; the outcome of extensive stakeholder engagement, a national need assessment study by the Kenya institute of curriculum development (KICD), National Curriculum Reforms conference and a number of bench marking studies carried out in a number of countries.

The framework is aligned to the constitution of Kenya, vision 2030 and the need to harmonise the curriculum with the East African countries' as well as several other policy documents that express the aspirations of the country.

The purpose of basic education curriculum reforms is to provide a comprehensive conceptualization of the basic education in pre primary, primary and secondary education.

Our role as county government is to fully implement the pre-primary education which is a devolved function. This is in addition to supporting other levels of education in line with our manifesto. We believe this will greatly contribute to educational performance through employment of ECDE teachers. This acts as a stop-gap measure to fill the gaps left by the non local teachers who fled the county during the height of terror attacks in 2015 and 2016.



Mandera Couny Governor H.E. Ali Ibrahim Roba today officially launched the Mandera County Government orphanage support program at the Mandera Islamic Centre which supports orphans in Mandera East.

This new program will provide individual and institutional support to four (4) orphanage centers within the county.

Representatives from the 4 selected orphanage centres that shall be the beneficiaries of this program, Al-Hidaya orphanage center, Mandera Islamic centre, Al-Fowzan orphanage centre and Aluwaiys orphanage center, received the grant amounting to KES 4.6 million. The program initially begun with the provision of relief food distribution and a small amount of money but has seen significant upscaling since.

“We will disburse amounts totaling 9.4 million KES this financial year, of which 50% of this has been released today, and increase the allocation to 20 million KES in the next financial year Insha’Allah” the Governor said while presenting the cheque.

The latter amount will cover the cost of clothing and food for the orphans and payments for teachers, administrators and care takers.

The aim is to limit the support program to these four major orphanages with the intention of expanding their capacities, and hence reaping the benefits of their economy of scale.

Protecting the disadvantaged members of our community is a cardinal role of any government and the County Government will, in partnership with religious leaders, carry out fresh mapping of vulnerable members of our society and use the data to draw up a deliberate plan to support them.

This program will employ qualified social workers who will be assigned to closely monitor and offer professional assistance to needy families by advising them on income generating and livelihood strategies in order to lift them above the poverty line.

This will be a priority that shall be a constant feature in the plans of the County Covernment for the next five years.

 The department of Gender, Youth and Social Services issued cheques totaling to 564,190 shillings to three visually impaired students from Mandera County in an event graced by the Deputy Governor H.E Mohamed Arai. The cheques are meant for the purchase of braille machines, computers and scientific calculators that will aide them in their studies. One of the beneficiaries, Alim Bash Abdi hails from  Libahiya ward of Mandera East Sub-county is the first born in a family of Eight (8). He has three (3) siblings who are visually impaired. He completed Daua special unit for the visually impaired in 2014 with 286 marks. Alim is now in form four (4) at the Thika School for the Blind. He was position one (1) in a class of 90 students last term.  Truly an inspiring story.  
Since the inception of the devolution the county government through the ministry of youth gender and social services has put down the gauntlet and tirelessly worked to empower and enrich the lives of the county’s persons living with disabilities. So far we have invested over 120 million shillings in purchasing income generating equipment, mobility kits and a significant investment in Capacity building. We carried out baseline survey during the financial year 2015/16 aimed at establishing the population of persons living with disabilities in Mandera County. The main objective was to obtain and provide up-to-date information on PWDs within the county that will be useful in planning, monitoring and evaluating the various activities, programmes and projects geared towards improving PWDs’ wellbeing. In the same period the ministry did as well procure more mobility kits for over 700 PWD’s comprising of wheel chairs, tri-circle, blind sticks and crutches for all the sub-counties due to the demand from the said group, making sure that these people continue to be productive in their area of work. 
Along with what the county has done independently we work very closely with other sectors in order to make sure that poor people with PWDs benefit from the different programs available across all sectors programs such as PWSD-CT. Disability Cash Transfer program targets the most vulnerable PWSDs in the county. Clients receive Ksh. 2000 per month but are paid in a compounded routine after a two month interval. There are 547 clients who are enrolled in the program across the county sub-county, but a scale up is expected to be done in coming month. We have been in contact with the head offices in Nairobi to help register more persons living with disability in the county since there are so many potential clients that come to our offices seeking registration. Mandera County government is committed in giving the necessary support to people with disability because we truly believe disability is NOT inability.
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Mandera County Public Service Board wishes to recruit competent and qualified persons to fill the postions (Deputy Directors

) as per the constitution of Kenya 2010 under Articles 176 and County Government Act No 17 of 2012 Sections 45 and 66.

Mandera County Public Service Board wishes to recruit competent and qualified persons to fill the following vacant positions (Directors) as per the constitution of Kenya 2010 under Articles 176 and County Government Act No 17 of 2012 Sections 45 and 66.

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Mandera County Public Service Board wishes to recruit competent and qualified persons to fill the following vacant positions as per the constitution of Kenya 2010 under Articles 176 and County Government Act No 17 of 2012.

Cabinet Secretary for Industrialization Hon. Adan Mohamed was today received by H.E Governor Ali Roba at the Mandera airstrip .

The CS was accompanied by the North Eastern Regional Coordinator Amb.Mohamed Saleh, the Kenyan Ambassador to Iran Hon. Rukia Subow, presidential advisor on legal matters Hon. Abdikadir Hussein and other senior government officials.

The team is on voter registration sensitization mission and promotion of peaceful election in this year`s poll. They met with County stakeholders at the Mandera county headquarters and discussed the issues extensively.

Today a project organized and funded by the European Union in partnership with Mandera County Government, the Aga Khan foundation, Islamic Relief and National council for Nomadic Education in Kenya that is aimed at improving social and economic opportunities for the youth in Mandera County was launched in Mandera town. 
The project targets youths in the following areas:
Youth attending and graduating from Vocational Training Centres,Youths Who have dropped out of school,Youths who are curently Enterprenuers and in school youths.

1. Training on Business Skill
2.Formation Of Youth Groups and Capacity building on developmental issues
3.Linking them to financial institutions
4. Dialogue forums between the youth and government on youth related issues
5.supporting technical vocational Education and training
6. Capacity development for 3 civil society organization to provide quality civic and economic Engagement for the Youth.

Mandera County Government is privileged to have Turkana County Government and their County Security and Intelligence Committee officials for a benchmarking on the implementation of the National Police Reserve programme. Turkana County Government intends to roll out the NPR programme as part of strengthening community policing within the county to achieve local security. MCG successfully rolled out the programme working in collaboration with the National Police Service. The focus areas of interest to the team included; A background to the implementation of the NPR programme, leadership command and management, non-governmental stakeholder engagement and support, legal framework between MCG and the county security and intelligence committee(CSIC), shared communication monitoring system for information exchange, MCG and CSIC arrangement for the sustainability of the programme,milestones achieved and challenges jointly experienced by MCG and CSIC, resource mobilization in support of the programme and the role of the community in the NPR programme.

The interactive programme that brought together the national security team, County Government officials and community stakeholders was concluded this morning at the county headquarters. We wish Turkana County Government best of luck as they utilize the experience and the lessons gained from our county to inform their implementation of the NPR programme.

Mandera county government , department of cohesion and intergration led by the county chief officer Mr. Mohamed today held a peace stakeholders meeting in Mandera town.

The meeting which will be held after every three months is aimed at promoting peaceful coexistence among the communities living in the county.

The message that everyone should take up the responsibility of strenthening peace was loud and clear. MCG has in the past few years played a major role in building and strenthening peace in the county and across the borders.

We wish you all a very peaceful night

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