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Water, Sanitation, Energy & Natural Resources

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The Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Natural Resources headed by Mohamed Ali Omar has the primary goal and purpose of Implementing County policies in the provision of water & sanitation services, development of sources of Energy, Environmental conservation and Natural Resources Management including soil and water conservation and County Water & sanitation, energy, environment & natural resources utilization works including sewerage and waste/ storm water drainage systems.  Its aim is to improve the living standards of the people of Mandera County by ensuring proper access to available water resources. The Ministry was created in May 2013 by the first Governor of Mandera County, H.E. Capt. Ali Ibrahim Roba.

Our Vision

The sector with most improved service in the county of Mandera

Our Mission

To ensure; efficient and economical provision of water and sanitation services, increased environmental conservation, appropriate utilization of natural resources and improved access to affordable and environment friendly sources of energy to meet the various socio-economic needs of Mandera county.

Our Mandate

Our Mandate is the provision of proper services and the formulation and implementation of County policies on Water, Sanitation, Energy, Environment and Natural resources

Since the inception of devolution, the Department of Water and Natural Resources has successfully completed
several life-changing projects aimed at making the county water secure. The projects include drilling and equipping of boreholes; construction and rehabilitation of earth pans; installation of underground water storage tanks; and construction and rehabilitation of urban and rural water supply schemes. For instance, the entire Mandera West and Banisa sub-counties didn’t have even a single permanent borehole before devolution.

But today, these sub-counties have five permanent boreholes at Darweed, Wangeydahan, Hullow, Malkamari and Eymole. To address the perennial water shortage in the sub counties that is brought about by prolonged droughts,
the department acquired 15 water bowsers, which are on standby and could be deployed on short notice for quick response to water emergency calls.

Water Services

Over the last five years, the department has made significant strides through the following successful projects:

  1. A total of 69 boreholes have been drilled since 2013. Fifty-eight of these boreholes bore water and 56 have already been equipped and are operational
  2. Construction of 40 new small to medium-sized water pans (15,000m3 – 30,000m3)
  3. •Construction of 21 big dams (60,000m3 – 110,000m3) .
  4. Completion of seven new infiltration galleries and protected wells .
  5. Construction of 96 new underground tanks in remote, water-scarce areas .
  6. Rehabilitation of four urban and 33 rural water supplies .
  7. Construction of 31 new rural water supplies

Environment Sector

The department recorded the following milestones:

• Implementation of afforestation programme in which 60,000 tree seedlings were planted, nurtured and maintained across the county

• Distribution of over 100,000 tree seedlings to households and public institutions to enhance forest cover

• Spearheading of environmental education and public awareness creation on the importance of environmental conservation

• Distribution of afforestation tools such as watering cans, hoes, and wheelbarrows among others.

• Enforcement of EMCA 1999 Cap 387 law and its regulations, such as EIA/EA, waste management and air quality regulation in the county in collaboration with the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA)

• Clearing of the prosopis juliflora (Mathenge) in areas where the plant species has invaded, such as roadsides and public places

• Enforcement of the ban on the use of plastic carrier bags in collaboration with NEMA

• Formulation and operationalisation of the County Environment Committee.

Energy Sector

The following projects were successfully commissioned and delivered:

• 1,821 solar-powered streetlights have been installed in all the six sub-county headquarters

• 18 high-mast security floodlights have been installed in strategic places in Mandera Town

• Stand-alone, solar-powered systems have been installed in 10 public institutions including schools, dispensaries and offices.


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