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Trade, Industrialization And Cooperative Development.

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The Ministry is headed by CEC Hassan A. Eymoy

To be a county with a competitive economy and investment destination of choice to achieve a sustainable and equitable social economic development.

To promote, coordinate and implement integrated socio-economic policies and programmes for Trade and Investment, competitively innovative industrialization and infrastructure development with a vibrant commercially oriented co-operative sector.

  • Quality service delivery to all stakeholders
  • Integrity, transparency and accountability in all operations.
  • Professionalism
  • Efficiency and effectiveness in utilization of resources.
  • Social equity.
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Proactive leadership
  • Impartiality and Gender equity
  • Team spirit among staff and other key stakeholders.

Co-operative Development

  • Registration and audit of co-operative societies in coordination with National Government
  • Settlement of co-operative disputes , Inspections and inquiries
  • Co-operative Extension, education and training
  • Mainstreaming good corporate governance in the co-operative sector
  • Co-operative research and development;
  • Promotion of co-operative ventures, marketing,  innovations, value addition and investment

Trade Development: -

  • Formulation and Implementation of Domestic trade development policy
  • Promotion of retail and wholesale markets
  • Development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Private sector development
  • Promotion and facilitation of intra, inter-county and cross border trade
  • Promotion of use of E-Commerce
  • Promotion of consumer protection, Uniformity in Trade measurements and Fair trade practices
  • Regulation of Weights and measures
  • Trade development and regulation, including – markets; trade licenses (excluding regulation of professions)

Industrialization In Collaboration Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development

  • Promote growth, graduation, productivity and competitiveness of Micro, Smalland Medium Industries
  • Conduct resource endowment mapping and promote investment opportunities in the regions
  • Implementation of industrialization policy;
  • Value addition processes and Coordination of the management of the all industries in the County;
  • Facilitate financing mechanisms including supplier credit, equipment leasing and rentals;  and Public Private Partnership;
  • Construction of markets stalls in khalilio,wargadud,lafey,kutulu and  mega SME park market in elwak
  • Building of office for trade department(carpot building
  • Base line survey on micro small and medium enterprise in mandera county
  • Micro and small enterprise support for women and youth
  • Administration management,capacity building and support to the SME's
  • Construction of fruit processing plant in mandera(feasibility study and building design
  • Industrial land zooning and fencing
  • Develop county investment policy and conduct the county investment forum
  • Cooperative education and training services
  • Promotion,registration,good governance and auditing of cooperative accounts and records
  • Cooperative extension,consultancy and advisory services
  • Llinking coperatives with institution of higher learning,NGO's,NACO's and development partners and facilitate cooperatives to participate in trade exhibition

 Completed project

Ongoing project



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