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The Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Natural Resources headed by Mohamed Ali Omar has the primary goal and purpose of Implementing County policies in the provision of water & sanitation services, development of sources of Energy, Environmental conservation and Natural Resources Management including soil and water conservation and County Water & sanitation, energy, environment & natural resources utilization works including sewerage and waste/ storm water drainage systems.  Its aim is to improve the living standards of the people of Mandera County by ensuring proper access to available water resources. The Ministry was created in May 2013 by the first Governor of Mandera County, H.E. Capt. Ali Ibrahim Roba.

Our Vision

The sector with most improved service in the county of Mandera

Our Mission

To ensure; efficient and economical provision of water and sanitation services, increased environmental conservation, appropriate utilization of natural resources and improved access to affordable and environment friendly sources of energy to meet the various socio-economic needs of Mandera county.

Our Mandate

Our Mandate is the provision of proper services and the formulation and implementation of County policies on Water, Sanitation, Energy, Environment and Natural resources

Since the inception of devolution, the Department of Water and Natural Resources has successfully completed
several life-changing projects aimed at making the county water secure. The projects include drilling and equipping of boreholes; construction and rehabilitation of earth pans; installation of underground water storage tanks; and construction and rehabilitation of urban and rural water supply schemes. For instance, the entire Mandera West and Banisa sub-counties didn’t have even a single permanent borehole before devolution.

But today, these sub-counties have five permanent boreholes at Darweed, Wangeydahan, Hullow, Malkamari and Eymole. To address the perennial water shortage in the sub counties that is brought about by prolonged droughts,
the department acquired 15 water bowsers, which are on standby and could be deployed on short notice for quick response to water emergency calls.

Water Services

Over the last five years, the department has made significant strides through the following successful projects:

  1. A total of 69 boreholes have been drilled since 2013. Fifty-eight of these boreholes bore water and 56 have already been equipped and are operational
  2. Construction of 40 new small to medium-sized water pans (15,000m3 – 30,000m3)
  3. •Construction of 21 big dams (60,000m3 – 110,000m3) .
  4. Completion of seven new infiltration galleries and protected wells .
  5. Construction of 96 new underground tanks in remote, water-scarce areas .
  6. Rehabilitation of four urban and 33 rural water supplies .
  7. Construction of 31 new rural water supplies


In the last five years, Mandera County Government has made substantial public investment in the public infrastructure sector, in fact the largest ever investment in one sector in the county. Currently the investment in the sector stands at slightly over Sh6 billion.
The first strategic plan (2013-2017) of the Ministry of Roads, Public Works and Transport saw the county embarking on an elaborate plan to address all the challenges associated with public infrastructure. This was done by setting up the following objectives and strategies:

  1. To facilitate the construction, upgrading, rehabilitation, and maintenance of the road infrastructure in Mandera County, so as to enhance regional connectivity for sustainable socioeconomic development in line with Kenya Vision 2030.   
  2. Build capacity of infrastructure, personnel and equipment.
  3. Facilitate public private partnerships to drive the development agenda.
  4. Citizen participation in the planning and execution of projects and programmes in civic education.
  5. Attract, hire, develop and retain an effective, diverse, professional, dedicated and responsive team of employees.
  6. Empower employees at every level to provide county services with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.
  7.  Develop employees to become leaders who promote ethics, innovation, service, accountability and peak performance.

To provide quality road and transportation infrastructure to spur socio-economic growth in Mandera County and the region and large.

To stream line the roads, transport and public works portfolio so as to achieve the desired goal of providing the county citizens with world class roads infrastructure.



  • Design and Construction into Bitumen standard the roads in the County Headquarters’( 20KM)
  • Design  of an International Airport
  • Construction and rehabilitation of inter constituency roads into all-weather Murram road.
  • Construction and equipping of governor’s residence
  • Construction of sub-county headquarters (Banissa and Lafey).
  • Design and Construction of county Rest house
  • Design and Construction of County Headquarters
  • Construction of Executives office block
  • Construction of boundary wall
  • Fencing of Elwak road camp.  

We the leaders and the people of Mandera County, realizing that our common aspirations and prosperity lies on the immediate, firm and resolute action against the threat of violent extremism, radicalization, inter-clan clashes and poverty. We have met at the Granada Hotel, Mandera Town on 22nd and 23rd October 2018 to discuss Community led Counter terrorism and deradicalisation efforts to fight violent extremism.
We hereby resolve to:
1. Adopt an inclusive approach that brings on board multi-agencies and non-state actors in preventing and addressing violent extremism.
2. To aggressively sensitize the public on the effects of violent extremism and radicalization.
3. Appreciate and promote the role of communities in providing human intelligence and on time action to deter and respond to incidents of violent extremism in Mandera.
4. Work with the national government on an all-inclusive, structured amnesty, disengagement, rehabilitation and reintegration programme in Mandera County
5. Promote the leadership of women and youth in encouraging socialization and rehabilitation programmes for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism
6. Fast track the implementation of action points in MCG CIDP and Mandera County CVE Action plan that focuses on youth empowerment and job creation
7. Work with Muslim Ullama’s’ in speaking out and promoting narratives that delegitimizes Alshabab propaganda and supports the language of peace and inclusive development.


Read by:

H.E. Ali Roba at the close of two day stakeholder conference on Prevention and Countering Violent Extremism (PCVE)

Today, Mandera County’s Department of Livestock in collaboration with BORESHA launched Rift Valley Fever vaccination program at the Livestock offices in Mandera town. This is after the metrological department gave notification that Mandera County will in the coming days receive above normal rainfall which may led to the outbreak of Rift Valley fever in the county.

The team led by Senior Assistant Director of Veterinary Services DR. Claudio Sortum and Danish Refugee Council (DRC) Livelihood Manager Mr. Ali Issack confirmed the availability of over 100,000 dose of vaccines which will be dispensed in 3 sub-counties of Mandera East, North and Banissa.

The exercise which is targeting sheep and goats will continue for a period of 3 weeks across the 3 sub-counties.

Earlier today H.E Governor Ali Roba issued a press statement on the ongoing two-months-long ban by the County security team on quarry activities in Mandera County. Up until now, the locals were implored to persevere the ban with the hope that it shall be lifted soon. However, it’s now two months and the County security team has not lifted the ban despite the adverse economic implications this has on the local economy.

A Lorry of quarry stones now costs KES 33,000, up from its initial price of 20,000. Even with this exorbitant price, supply is dwindling fast. This has led to cessation of construction projects in the county, leading to unnecessary loss of business by hardware shops, transporters and masons. This is due to an unreasonable and illegal ban on quarry activities in the county.

There has been terror incidents before before and it did not prompt closure of quarry sites. The Governor terms the current ban ill advised and intolerable.

Because of the mass complaints by the public, H.E Governor Ali Roba directed the local community members to resume quarry activities effective tomorrow 5th, July 2018 urging the county security team to enforce the discriminatory ban on non local quarry workers if they choose so.

“We cannot curtail the development of this county by issuing directives that are not pragmatic. If there is an attack on quarry, we cannot close quarry. If there is an attack on teachers, we cannot close schools. We should be resilient in the face of terrorism. We cannot give in” exclaimed Governor Ali Roba

He further added that it’s the responsibility of the county security committee to provide security to the public. “We can’t stop living because there are terror threats. Many attempts have been made on my life and I have not stopped living and I can’t run away. Quarry activities must be resumed” he concluded

Earlier today, Mandera County’s Ministry of Health Services dispatched a team of health officers from the Mandera Referral Hospital to the 7 sub-counties to undertake the KICK POLIO OUT OF KENYA immunization campaign.

The campaign was kicked off by Health CEC Mr. Ahmed Sheikh was attended by CEC Roads and Public Works Mr. Ahmed Ali, CEC Agriculture Mrs. Johora Mohamed and senior staff from the ministry of health.

The ministry has set a target of two thousand five hundred (2500) children ranging from ages of 14 days to 5 years to be immunized across all the sub counties. However, the number is expected to surpass the target due to the cross border population movement along our shared borders with Somalia and Ethiopia.

The campaign strategy to eradicate polio in Mandera involves house to house outreach to ensure every child gets immunized.

According to the CEC Health Mr. Ahmed sheikh, the responsibility of immunizing our children lies with everyone of us and will only be successful when the target communities cooperate with the health teams. Members of the community should understand the importance of immunization to a child’s immediate and long term health prospects.

Though there are several challenges, the ministry has re-doubled its efforts more than ever before to achieve its targets in each of the immunization campaigns.

Mandera is classified as being amongst high risk counties for polio disease in Kenya.

Mandera County’s Ministry of Education today received state of the art mechanical technology engineering equipment worth one hundred and twenty million shillings (120 million) from national government’s ministry of education. The government has so far equipped seventy technical training institutions (TTIs) across the country. Over the next 5 months, the government will embark on training personnel on the use and maintenance of the equipment.

Built by the Mandera county government, Mandera Technical Training Institute has so far admitted 284 students who are pursuing electrical, wielding and fabrication, secretarial, human resource management and accounting courses among others studying under the full sponsorship of the county government. In this financial year, Governor Roba’s administration has budgeted Ten million shillings full sponsorship for students who will be joining MTTI.

While receiving the donation, Mandera County Chief Officer for Education Mr. Abdi Mohamed immensely appreciated the effort of the national government in complementing the county’s development efforts and strategies to plug the gaps in capacity building among the youth. He stated the donation would go a long way in upgrading skills and abilities of our youth.
Equipping youth for the job market is a critical intervention that will help strengthen the County’s education and skills base, supporting the transition towards a modern market-based economy and promoting inclusive growth and job creation. In particular, it will advance national and county aspirations for the technical, vocational education and training (TVET) aimed at effectively meeting Mandera’s evolving workforce needs.
The multi-million donation from the government is expected to boost technical training and equip the students with the current technology skills.

Through devolution, Mandera County is witnessing rapid transformation. The county government has strategically invested in tertiary institutions with target to churn out skilled group of locals to fit its unique circumstances with a Teacher’s Training College to bridge the gaps occasioned by teachers who fled on grounds of terror fears and extreme weather. The college, which was established in May 2016, for a start admitted 47 holiday-based students in August the same year. In September 2016, the college witnessed significant improvement and admitted 55 regular students. Later in 2017, the number of student gradually improved with 26 more students joining under the full sponsorship of Mandera County Government.
While handing over the equipment Mr. Samuel Kiptoo from Directorate of TVET, Ministry of Education said the donation of the equipment is under the Kenya-China Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Project accompanying him was immediate former Director TVET, Mr.Bahir Mursal.

The event was also graced by the Deputy County Commissioner Mandera East Mr. Lawrence Omondi, County Assembly Majority Leader Hon. Abdi Adan, Minority Leader Hon. Jimale Abdi, Chairman of the County Assembly Education committee Yakub Eymoi and senior county government officials.

Mandera County government has now equipped the newly constructed State of the art maternity which boasts of a modern new born unit, a delivery unit and a theatre among other sections.

Some of the equipment in the state of the art maternity unit are; Baby Incubators, resuscitators, modern delivery beds, oxygen concentrator, sunction machine, patient monitors and vital sign monitors.

These equipment will go a long way in ensuring that mothers and new born babies get ultra modern services at the facility.

The twin accident and emergency centers and maternity wings at the Mandera referral and Elwak sub-county hospitals will be officially opened soon

The Mandera County Ministry of Trade, Cooperative and Industrialisation today commissioned the Mandera Town Miraa market fencing project.

The county gave the tender of the project to women drawn from all the communities living in Mandera County. This is part of the County Government’s strategy to surpass the 30% reservation for the youth, women and disabled groups’ access to government tenders.

The miraa market fencing project is aimed at instilling order and hygiene at the market to curb disease, crime, illegal drug dealing and drug abuse. The ministry is also planning to put up better structures to help the miraa traders do their business in a decent and conducive environment.

The female contractors were urged to deliver quality work since the fence wall borders the seasonal water way(laga) on the rear side.

The event was officiated by H. E the Deputy Governor Hon Mohamed Arai and accompanied by Hassannoor Adan -Ag. County Chief Officer Trade, Mr.Abdi Ali - Governor’s Spokesman, Mohamed Adan-County Chief Officer Cohesion, Ibrahim Ahmed-Director Trade, Habiba Ali -Director Press Services among other senior County staff and Mandera County OCS Mr. Albert Kipchumba from the security side.

The Ministry has finalised the process of operationalising the County Trade Development Fund and the County Cooperative Development Fund which will be disbursed in the next financial year InshaAllah.

Under the able leadership of H. E Governor Capt. Ali Roba, the County Government plans to facelift the major towns in Mandera County to modern urban centres and plans are at the final stage to upgrade Mandera town to a Municipality.

Once the Municipality status is established, residents will have a bigger say in town management and planning through enhanced community participation.

The DG, in his speech to the women traders in the market, allayed the rumors peddled by detractors that the Mandera miraa market is being grabbed by private developers. The miraa traders were enthusiastic about the County’s initiative and expressed their gratitude for the ‘by women, for women’ project.

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