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Transport, Roads and Public Works

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The Department is headed Ahmed Ali Madey

To provide quality road and transportation infrastructure to spur socio-economic growth in Mandera County and the region and large.

To stream line the roads, transport and public works portfolio so as to achieve the desired goal of providing the county citizens with world class roads infrastructure.

  • Transparency and accountability
  • Professionalism and integrity
  • Excellence in service delivery
  • Participatory Leadership
  • Collaboration and Teamwork

On- going projects

  •     Design and Construction into Bitumen standard the roads in the County Headquarters’( 20KM)
  •     Design  of an International Airport
  •     Construction and rehabilitation of inter constituency roads into all-weather Murram road.
  •     Construction and equipping of governor’s residence
  •     Construction of sub-county headquarters (Banissa and Lafey).
  •     Design and Construction of county Rest house
  •     Design and Construction of County Headquarters
  •     Construction of Executives office block
  •     Construction of boundary wall
  •     Fencing of Elwak road camp.

Completed projects

  •     Rehabilitation of the dry river bed in Mandera town after the flood
  •     Construction of access road from the B9 to Bulla Duse.

Planned projects 2014 - 2015

  •     Construction of international airport
  •     Purchase of construction Equipments; gradders, Trucks,Tippers,Excavaters,low
  •     Loaders,Dozers,rollers and low loaders.
  •     Construction of sub-county headquarters (3No.) Elwak, Takaba and Rhamu
  •     Construction/rehabilitation of inter-constituencies roads. Phase II
  •     Establishment of firefighting centers/ equipment
  •     Construction of inter-ward roads
  •     Tarmacking of airstrips in the sub-county (2No.)
  •     Provision of exhauster services at the sub-county (2No.)
  •     Tarmacking of Mandera Road 20km. phase II
  •     Emergency Road repair after flood damage
  •     Construction of store
  •     Outstanding payment for projects inherited from the  Nat.Government( Takaba, Elwak, Mandera
  •     East and Rhamu)
  •     Landscaping and renovation of staff houses at HQ
  •     Purchase of two way radio call communication for our GK vehicles
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