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Finance and Planning

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The department is headed Ibrahim B. Hassan

Our Vision
To be an effective and efficient department that provides timely support to all other county Government entities.

The constitution of Kenya 2010 created a fundamental shift in the governance structure of our country. It created two tier government; the national government and forty seven (47) county governments. The creation of the 47 counties has resulted in devolution of political power and resources to the grass root in a way that it has never been seen before in Kenya. The Constitution also devolved 14 functions that use to be performed by the national government to the counties. With County government in place, functions and resources devolved, the constitution and various other subsequent legislations introduced the need for the counties to develop comprehensive plans particularly in mobilization and management of resources.

The County treasury is the engine that drives the entire County. This is clearly demonstrated by the functions of the treasury as clearly enumerated in the Public Finance Management Act 2012, the key functions of County Treasury include:
  •     Developing and implementing financial and economic policies in the county;
  •     Preparing the annual budget for the county and coordinating the preparation of estimates of   revenue and expenditure of the county government;
  •     Co-coordinating the implementation of the budget of the county government;
  •     Mobilizing resources for funding the budgetary requirements of the county government and putting in place mechanisms to raise revenue and resources;
  •     Managing the county government’s public debt and other obligations and developing a                      framework of debt control for the county;
  •     Consolidating the annual appropriation accounts and other financial statements of the county
  •     Government in a format determined by the Accounting Standards Board;
  •     Acting as custodian of the inventory of the county government’s assets except where provided otherwise by other legislation or the Constitution;
  •     Ensuring compliance with accounting standards prescribed and published by the Accounting standards Board from time to time;
  •     Ensuring proper management and control of, and accounting for the finances of the county Government and its entities in order to promote efficient and effective use of the county’s budgetary resources;
  •     Maintaining proper accounts and other records in respect of the County Revenue Fund, the County Emergencies Fund and other public funds administered by the county government;
  •     Monitoring the county government’s entities to ensure compliance with this Act and effective management of their funds, efficiency and transparency and, in particular, proper accountability for the expenditure of those funds;
  •     Assisting county government entities in developing their capacity for efficient, effective and transparent financial management, upon request;
  •     Providing the National Treasury with information which it may require to carry out its responsibilities under the Constitution and this Act;
  •     Issuing circulars with respect to financial matters relating to county government entities;
  •     Advising the county government entities, the County Executive Committee and the county assembly on financial matters;
  •     Strengthening financial and fiscal relations between the national government and county governments in performing their functions;
  •     Reporting regularly to the county assembly on the implementation of the annual county budget.
In order to deliver on the above functions, the Mandera County Treasury has been structured in to 5 (five) departments 
  •     County revenue department
  •     County Planning and Budgetary Controls department
  •     County Supply Chain Management department
  •     County Financial Accounting department
  •     Internal Audit and Compliance Department
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