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Water, Sanitation & Natural Resources

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The Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Natural Resources headed by Ethila Mohamud Issack has the primary goal and purpose of Implementing County policies in the provision of water & sanitation services, development of sources of Energy, Environmental conservation and Natural Resources Management including soil and water conservation and County Water & sanitation, energy, environment & natural resources utilization works including sewerage and waste/ storm water drainage systems.  Its aim is to improve the living standards of the people of Mandera County by ensuring proper access to available water resources. The Ministry was created in May 2013 by the first Governor of Mandera County, H.E. Capt. Ali Ibrahim Roba.

Our Vision
: The sector with most improved service in the county of Mandera

Our Mission: To ensure; efficient and economical provision of water and sanitation services, increased environmental conservation, appropriate utilization of natural resources and improved access to affordable and environment friendly sources of energy to meet the various socio-economic needs of Mandera county.

Our Mandate: Our Mandate is the provision of proper services and the formulation and implementation of County policies on Water, Sanitation, Energy, Environment and Natural Resources.

  • Patriotism
  • Honesty
  • Accountability & Transparency
  • Upholding high levels of ethical & professional integrity
  • Commitment to efficient service delivery
  • Respect for the roles & rights of stakeholder
  • Respect for the cultural & traditional norms of local communities
  • Demonstrate high degree of diligence in the discharge of duties & responsibilities
  • Gender sensitivity
  • Flexibility and,
  • Innovativeness.

In order to adequately respond to the above “Vision” and “Mission” the plan proposes programmes and projects which seek to pursue the following key strategic objectives under the sector during the 2013/14 - 2017/18 period: -
To improve availability and spatial distribution of water sources through appropriate exploitation of existing surface and ground water development potential in the county,

  • To improve access to adequate, safe & affordable water and sanitation services both in urban and rural areas to spar economic productivity and enhance living standards,
  • To strengthen the institutional capacity of the county Government to effectively deliver water and sanitation services through the review of existing setups and developing the capability of institutions to enhance service delivery,
  • To reduce the vulnerability of agro-pastoralist communities to negative impacts of pro-longed, often recurrent droughts and floods through the implementation of long-term drought and floods mitigation interventions that shall progressively eliminate the need for short – term interventions such as emergency water trucking, repair of damaged facilities, etc
  • To improve the productivity & aesthetic quality of settled and degraded areas,
  • To ensure sustainable development & utilization of land to facilitate economic growth
  • To increase "in-situ" conservation of natural resources to improve drought resilience
  • To increase utilization of unexploited natural resources to achieve economic growth,
  • To ensure development & utilization of non-traditional sources of energy and,
  • Mainstreaming of ICT, Gender, Pro-poor, Governance, Land, HIV/AIDs & Disability issues appropriately ensured within all Sector Services
  • New water supply and improvements of existing rural water services
    • Mandera South Sub-County
      • Qalangalesa supply improvement (Piping, Tank and Kiosk)
      • Fincharo - piping and Kiosks
      • Masonary water tank 100 m3in Elwak town
      • Kabadabi masonary water tank 100m3
      • pipe extension and kiosks of waryadand
    • Mandera East
      • New water supply for Bulla Hayi
      • Improvements of Aresa Kiosks and pipe extensions
    • Mandera West
      • Takaba piping extension from borehole/troughs
      • Harshilmi underground water tank of 250m3
    • Mandera North
      • Shirshir Improvement Works
      • Mosonary tank of 100m3
      • Rhama elevated tank repair/ replacement
    • Lafey
      • Upgrading and improvement of sala water supply
      • Improvement of Hereri water supply - Tanks and Kiosks
  • De silting of Pans
    • Ashabito
    • Ola1
    • Dandu
    • Lagsure
    • Kiliwaheri
    • Guba
    • Aluusa
    • Komor Liban
    • Finoi
  • Construction of Pans
    • Harbayo
    • Dimu
  • MFQs
    • Spares for borehole maintainance
    • Water trucking for villages, schools and security camps
    • Desilting of pans
    • Drilling of bore holes
    • Construction of tanks and pans
    • Improvements of existing water supplies services
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